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Fred Child and I have been broadcasting the Piano Puzzler as part of Performance Today on public radio for 15 years. It started on NPR and we recorded it in Washington, D.C. with Anya Grundman producing. But then Performance Today moved to St. Paul, Minnesota, and so did Fred. So for many years now, I’ve been flying out to St. Paul to record the show in the American Public Media/Minnesota Public Radio building in the large Performance Today (PT) studio, where I play the puzzlers on their excellent Steinway grand piano. Craig Thorson has been our engineer and Suzanne Schaffer has been our producer for most of the shows, although a number of people have produced the show over its long history. Brad Althoff is the Managing Producer for National Classical Programs. It is a wonderful collection of smart, fun, very professional radio folks and it is a pleasure to be part of the PT team.

Recently, Fred and I talked informally in the PT studio in St. Paul. Check it out here: